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The Doctor's Wife [May. 15th, 2011|01:05 pm]
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"The Doctor's Wife" was MADE for this comm! So many beautiful shipping moments! Discuss!

[User Picture]From: liliaeth
2011-05-15 01:15 pm (UTC)


I think that people are so in awe of this ship becoming undeniable canon, that they're struck silent.
[User Picture]From: chelseagirl
2011-05-15 04:25 pm (UTC)



Theirloveissocanon, hah!
[User Picture]From: nostalgia_lj
2011-05-16 12:11 am (UTC)


There is no need to say it, for it says itself.
[User Picture]From: takadainmate
2011-05-16 07:14 am (UTC)


I cried. My ship is now canon.
[User Picture]From: ziggychaos
2011-05-22 05:04 am (UTC)


Only confirming what we've known all along!
From: woahtherpoder
2013-09-07 01:05 am (UTC)


It was beautiful and it made me cry. They were perfect together, the last of their own race, with their own attraction to each other and the preexisting feelings already there. They both loved each other, and knew each other and the way they described when they had first met was exquisite. It was heartbreaking when they said goodbye, but still fantastic because she was and is never going to leave him. So... Babble over.